Other services

Insurance counseling well in advance of renewal dates

  • The development of insurance programs
  • During the selection and analysis of proposals insurers
  • Negotiating the terms of the insurance contract
  • Nominated loss adjuster
  • At all stages of settlement of losses, including in the event of a dispute resolution process
  • The analysis of the effectiveness of the existing insurance program and its correction

Technical advice

  • Loss prevention programs can be developed
  • Business processes analysed
  • Internal process and links to the insurance process e.g procurement, claims handling

We are able to take responsibility for the complete claim process including subrogation and protecting the interests of the insurers:

  • We can prepare the file  for the court advocats
  • Collect and prepare court case material
  • We can take up negotiation with the culpable parties prior to court proceedings
  • Represent in court proceedings